Why Gmail is not opening in Chrome

Gmail is not opening in Chrome

Gmail is a popular email client and chrome is a popular browser both offered by Google. You can install Google chrome browser on your PC and you can create a Gmail account and use to send and receive emails. But what if Gmail is not opening in chrome browser? You can fix the issue by using some steps which will allow Gmail to open in Chrome again.

Steps to fix Gmail not opening in chrome

You can use below steps to fix Gmail not opening in Chrome issue:

  1. First check if you are using updated Chrome browser that supports the Gmail you are using.
  2. Next you need to check chrome extensions or applications.  

    a. Sometimes extensions or add-ons which you have installed on your chrome browser or applications that you have installed on your computer can prevent Gmail from working.

    b. You should try to turn off these extensions temporarily and applications one by one, and then you can use Gmail again to see if that solves the problem.

    c. You can open Gmail using your chrome browser's incognito or private browsing mode to try using Gmail without any extensions.

  3. Next step is to clear your chrome browser’s cache and cookies and then you can check if Gmail is opening or not.
  4. Last is to check your Gmail labs. If you have any labs turned on then you can try disabling these labs one by one to figure out which lab is causing the issue of Gmail not opening.

Thus you can try these steps to fix Gmail not working in Chrome.

Gmail technical support number

If you cannot solve such technical issues as one mentioned above Gmail is not opening in chrome or you are facing any other technical problem with your Gmail account, you can get help from technical experts. You just need to dial Gmail technical support phone number to get in touch with technical expert who would listen to your issue first and then they will offer you step by step solution on phone itself. Thus you can start using your Gmail account once again.

Gmail customer care number

Similarly if you need any information related to your Gmail account using which you can operate Gmail better then you can dial Gmail customer care number and ask for anything you want to know.

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