How to use Gmail offline

Steps to use Gmail offline

Gmail is such a popular email platform that you want to use it even when there is no internet connection available so that you can get and read all your emails. How to use Gmail offline? Well, you can follow below steps for that but you should note first that you can read, respond to, and search your Gmail messages when you aren't connected to the Internet which means you are offline by installing the Gmail offline app for Chrome. So first install Gmail offline using below steps:

  1. First visit the Gmail offline page in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. After that you should click Add to Chrome Add app.
  3. In Chrome, visit chrome://extensions/.
  4. Here you need to click Gmail offline .
  5. Now click Allow offline mail Continue.

Once the app is installed, your messages will start syncing. If you close Google Chrome while your messages are syncing, sync will stop.

Now to use Gmail offline you can follow below steps:

Any messages you write, archive, label, or delete when you are offline then it will be sent or moved when you connect to the Internet.

  1. When you're offline, you need to visit chrome://extensions/.
  2. Here click Gmail Offline.

Now you should also note that when using Gmail offline you can only add attachments of up to 5 MB for a single attachment, and 25 MB total for a single message.

When you want to use Gmail offline to read, respond to, and search your Gmail messages then you can follow above mentioned steps.

Gmail technical support number

If you are not able to use Gmail offline then you cannot access it to read your email and respond to it in the time and place when you don’t have internet connection. If you are facing any other technical issue with Gmail apart from this then don’t get frustrated. Gmail technical support number is for your help only. You can get the solution of your technical glitch when by just dialing this quite useful number. The technical expert offers you the best solution and they are available 24/7.

Gmail customer service number

Gmail is a without a doubt great email platform. That is the reason why millions of people use it and like it while using it for its multiple features. It is easy and safe to use. But Gmail also has some issues from time to time and when you are facing one or you are looking for any information related to Gmail then you can dial Gmail customer service number.

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