How to sign out of gmail on multiple devices

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Sign out of gmail on multiple devices

Gmail has become one of the most preferred email account for the users due to the different facilities it provides to the users. It is equipped with many features which makes it a very popular option for them to choose as the email service provider. Gmail not only provides the facility to work for the email related work but it also provides the ease to the users to access different services provided by the google also. Once the user is having an google account then it becomes possible for them to work on the other services of the google too.

The best part of working on the gmail is that the users can also access the account from different devices at a time which makes it possible for them to keep their work going from different places also although the account is not sign out.

But it is also required by the users to regularly sign out their account so that it can become easy for them to keep its access secured. The best part of the gmail is that the users can sign out the gmail account from multiple account at a time.

Here are the steps to sign out of gmail on multiple devices at a time with a single click.

  • Login to the gmail account
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen
  • A tiny print can be seen with last account activity option
  • Click on the details button right below
  • Press the sign out all other web sessions button
  • It will allow the users to remotely logout from gmail from devices from other location
  • Users can also view the list of other devices you have signed in

These steps will be helpful for the users to keep a record of the access of the access of the gmail account been used from the device. It will become possible for the users to make their account going easily and fast. Users can call on the gmail password recovery number and interact with the experts to get the proper solution for their issues.

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