How to Setup Gmail Configuration for Outlook?

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Most user-friendly free-email service platform, Gmail embrace the widest number of users on its emailing platform across the world. A free- web mail service platform of Google, Gmail is a platform that gives client gigabytes of capacity for messages and allows the large attachments to send without any tampering in between.

Gmail nowadays have become the best mailing services among people. Millions of people from all across the world are using Gmail for their personal mails or for business related mails. But, often there are times when you get unnecessary mails which are of no use. So, to avoid getting these kinds of mails you can contact Gmail technical support phone number to get a way so as to avoid it.

There are even more issues of people that they face regarding accessing to their Gmail account. Some of the issues that are faced by people and which are solved by the Gmail help center number are:

1.Gmail password issues. For resetting or for changing the password.

2.Errors in sending mails to contacts.

3.Errors in receiving mails from various known contacts.

4.Syncing of Gmail with other account problem.

5.Deleting Gmail messages issues.

6.Various Technical issues.

How to setup Gmail configuration for Outlook?

1.Open Outlook, go to Tools, and then click on Email Accounts.

2.Select "Add a new e-mail account" to create an account and click on Next.

3.Select POP3 on the server type step or IMAP for the Outlook email account type, and then click on Next.

4.Go to Outlook Gmail settings, such as your Gmail username and password, Gmail server addresses, Gmail server ports and Outlook Gmail display name.

5.Enter your username and your email address.

6.In server details, enter the following: 

In POP Gmail servers for Outlook: 
- Put your Incoming mail server at ‘’ 
- Put your Outgoing mail server at ‘’ 

In IMAP Gmail server for Outlook: 
- Put your Incoming mail server at 
- Put your Outgoing mail server at 

How can you reach to Gmail experts?

Wondering, how to use Gmail web-mail through experts? Moreover, a bunch of technicians are always available in form of Gmail Smtp Setup Helpline number for account issues  that is known to give instant solution at minimal second of time to the user. These experts have many years of experience and thus help the users to come out of technical issues. They are responsible to solve the queries and complaints of user’s.

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