How to set Gmail account status

Steps to set Gmail account status

In Gmail you can share your current status using any device where you sign in using same hang out account. So you can follow below steps to set Gmail account status:

  1. First on your computer, go to Hangouts at or in Gmail.
  2. There you need to open your settings.
    • In, you can click Menu Settings.
    • In Gmail, you can click the Down arrow.
  3. Then to set your status you need to type a message, like "in a meeting" or "on vacation" in “Share your status”.
  4. When you are done, click Enter.
  5. Now what you want others to see? Under the “Share your status” box, select what details you’d like other people to see.

This is how you can set Gmail account status.

You want to set Gmail status so that others can see it and know what you are up to? So to set your Gmail status you can follow above mentioned steps.

Gmail customer service number

If you are looking to set your Gmail status and you are not able to do so even after reading instruction. For such a situation when you need help for doing a thing in your Gmail account or you are looking for some information related to Gmail then you can seek Gmail customer service. To avail Gmail customer service you can dial Gmail customer service number.

Gmail technical support number

Gmail is quite useful and offers multiple features but you are not always aware about all the features offered by Gmail. So when you are using Gmail and you face any technical glitch that might be because you used one or the other feature of Gmail wrongly. But in that situation also you should not panic if you see your Gmail account not working properly. You can take technical help by contacting Gmail technical support number.

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