How to send email from Gmail account

Send email from Gmail account

Gmail is an email service offered by Google and it is very popular free email service. You can create your Gmail account and then with this account you can use your username and password to login to your Gmail account. In your Gmail account you can send emails to your friends, family, colleagues, and professional counterparts and so on. In the compose email section you can compose and send it to the recipient you want to. While sending emails you can also attach files, images, documents and soon.

Steps to send email from Gmail account

You can follow below steps to send email from Gmail account:

  1. Open your web browser first.
  2. Next open your Gmail account by using your credentials like username and password.
  3. Then as you login you can see Gmail window where you can see Compose on the upper left side of the window.
  4. You can now open compose window where you can type your message and then attach email, file, document, images etc.
  5. Once you have typed your message and attachment you can click on send button to send the email with or without attachments.
  6. Another way to send email in Gmail is as a reply to already received email in your Inbox.
  7. You can open the email and then click on Reply and now type your message and again if any attachment is there you can do that.
  8. Now click on send to send the email in Gmail.

This is how you can send email in Gmail.

Gmail support number

If you still cannot send emails in Gmail on your own or you want to know about other feature of Gmail then you can get support. For this you can call Gmail support number. You can get instant support by calling this number. You also have the support available on support page of Google by choosing Gmail here from the list of Google’s services. You can also get help by live chat or through email. You can leave your query on the community page of Google also. If you want to get support on phone then you can dial Gmail support number.

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