How to Fix the Email Problem on iPhone

Not able to access emails in the iPhone How to fix the problem?

All your emails can be configured easily on the iPhone device. Either use email apps for accessing the incoming emails or sync all the emails account with the Apple mail. iPhone is the device which will enable easy access to your various mail accounts. Now the problem might arise that iPhone user is not able to access the emails. This is a common issue among most Apple device users and this article will provide troubleshooting steps for the email solutions.

Here are the steps to fix email not working on iPhone -

For the unseen emails check the Outbox

  • In the upper-left corner click on ‘Mail’ and then tap ‘Mailboxes’.
  • Next tap on ‘Outbox’ and if the user is not able to see an Outbox, then the email might have been sent.
  • Tap an email in the Outbox and make sure that the recipient’s email address is correct.
  • Finally tap on ‘Save’.

Check the email login credentials

Are you unable to access the email account on the iPhone? Have you checked the email address and password? Enter the correct login credentials to access the emails on the device. If the password is lost then reset the email account password.

Check the email settings

While setting up the email account the device make sure that the email settings are done correctly on the iPhone. Make sure that the account settings are correct and compare the Mail app to the email account settings. Follow the steps –

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Mail’.
  • Tap on ‘Accounts’ and select the email account.
  • To see the account information tap the email address next to the ‘Account’.
  • Make sure that the incoming and outgoing mail servers are configured correctly.
  • Check the recommended settings of the email account in the mail settings and make sure they are same as that is seen on the screen.

Other then email incoming and outgoing problem there can be problems like email box is frozen, server is not allowing relaying, iPhone is failing to receive new emails while accessing inbox from multiple devices, mail app is crashing and many more. Contact the support team over Gmail technical support phone number to get the instant help services. Support experts will remotely troubleshooting the problems at an effective cost.

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