How to Fix Gmail Error Code 1026

Get the best steps for fixing the Gmail error 1026

If you are a Gmail user then 7 out of 10 times, there is a possibility that you would have to face a Gmail error popularly known by its error code 1026. So, if you are tired of searching the whole internet and you are looking for a way with the help of which you would be able to fix this issue, then we want to let you know that in this article, we are presenting the Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 1026 as mentioned below.

  • The first thing which the user needs to do is to check whether there is a message in his Inbox or SENT folder whose size is quite larger than the normal size.
  • Along with that, the user should delete that message and should check whether that error has now been removed or not.
  • Moreover, the next thing which is recommended to every user by the customer care executives located over the Gmail Tech Support Number is that the user should decrease the size of the attachment which is being sent by him to some other user. In case, the user is not aware of the steps for decreasing the size, then we want to tell him that he can do that by collecting all the files to be sent in a zip format and then sending it to another person.
  • The user should also update the browser as it is utmost necessary for him to access his Gmail account in an updated browser. Along with that, the user can also try to update the OS of his PC, if possible.
  • Next, if still the error is prevailing and is not fixed, then changing the browser can also be one of the best steps to handle this troublesome situation. Along with that, sometimes, accessing the Gmail account in some other PC has also fixed this problem as reported to us by some of the experienced users of the Gmail.

So, if on the off chance, it is becoming difficult for you to fix this Gmail issue, then all you have to do is to simply contact the Technical Support of the Gmail and let them know all the details of your problem.

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