How to Fix Gmail Error 76989

Steps to Fix Gmail Error 76989

The Gmail error 76989 or the server errors occurs mainly when there are too many people who are logged into their Gmail account across the world and as a result there is too much load on the server and so the server has crashed. In such situation the best option for you is that you can wait a while by logging out of your account and then login later. However this solution is not always best suited for those who need to be online all the time. Sometimes the problem may be due to the conflict between the software in the system and the server. This becomes quite annoying if you have to send some important file and you are not able to do so. You need to clear the unwanted cache and history. For this you can follow below steps.

  1. First open the Google chrome window.
  2. Then go to Tools.
  3. Here click on "options ".
  4. Next select the option, "Under the hood ".
  5. Her you need to click on “Clear browsing data ".
  6. Again you need to check the check box of "Clear browsing history ".
  7. Now Select the option for clearing the history from a particular time and delete it.
  8. Next click on "clear browsing data ".

This is how by clearing unwanted cache you can fix Gmail error 76989.

Gmail Technical Support Number

Gmail is a Google’s product and it is quite popular email service used worldwide by millions of users. So whether you are facing error 76989 or other error, Google offers you technical support in multiple ways. First you can go to the official support page of Google and choose Gmail here from the list of Google’s product for available help in the form of readily available information on Gmail. You can also get help via email, live chat or community page of Google. If still you don’t find your issue solved then you can dial Gmail Password Recovery Phone Number to get help related to your Gmail account.

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