How to do chat in gmail

Steps to do chat in Gmail

Gmail is available for the users to provide them the great facilities related to the email and make it convenient for them to manage their email related work. It provides different features to the users which makes it convenient for them to maintain their work. It provides the quick access of their account and enables them to easily send and receive their messages.

One of the prominent features for the users is that they can chat with others for which they require only an email account. It is very easy for the users to chat on the gmail account which requires them to go through certain easy steps and make it easy for them to work.

  • Login to the gmail account
  • Check the contacts tab
  • Select the people you want to talk
  • Click on the name on which you need to talk
  • If it appears to be green dot then the person is available to talk
  • Type your message
  • Continue reading and responding your message
  • Users can also change the status if they are not willing to talk

These steps will help the users to easily communicate with others and establish a healthy connection. It is preferred by the users for their professional uses.

If while establishing the connection, users face any issue then they can easily resolve their issues by interacting to the experts. The users can call on the Gmail phone number for technical support and get connected with the experts to find the solution for their issues. There they will get the assured solution for their issues and make it easy for them to continue their work on it.

It is very easy for the users to interact with the experts as they can contact gmail support number and get the best and assured solution to make their work go easy.

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