How to change the email address in Gmail account

Change the email address in Gmail account

Changing the email address in Gmail is not a usual job. In actual you can change the name that displays with your Gmail address can be changed but the email address can’t be changed. This is the fact which everyone knows. There is a second fact which you might be looking for. So, our today’s post will be telling you the process of changing the email address without losing any data or email. We are posting it after having in-depth telephonic conversations Gmail Customer Care Number.

To change the email address in Gmail, you need to create a second email account. This is the first thing you are supposed to know for executing your desire. While making the second account, you are free to choose your desired username. Also, use the desired password. In this agenda, you should not use same account recovery options. Click the [Create Account] button after you have filled all the bars. The new account will be created within few minutes. Set up forwarding from the old Gmail after the new is created. Now you can check all your messages in one place. In addition, Gmail Technical Support Number is open for you in order to handle any sort of difficulty. It is an extraordinarily helpful and immensely powerful helpline number. Not the email address change, the concerned number is promised to help you for any other issues related to your Gmail.

But yes, you don’t need to create the second email address if you are willing to change the display name. To do this job, you need to make your email account login. If you are inside your account, you can easily access the [Settings] window. Switch to the [Accounts] window now. Here you will find an option as [Send Mail As]; it is needed to be clicked. You now need to click [Edit Info] which is located next to the address. Access the [Name] section now. Here you will get the freedom to change display name or to change date of birth in Gmail account. Enter the [Save] key after it is entered. 

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