How to block or unblock a Gmail account?

How to block/unblock a Gmail account?
We had discussed about the security issues in our last post. Now we are on the way to highlight some more areas that are related to account blocking. Hopefully, this post will be beneficial for you equally. Please follow expert’s advice to get the complete answer of your question.
How to block a Gmail account?
How to unblock a Gmail account?
How to activate any of your blocked accounts?
As you know, our existence is made to help you and the other users of Gmail services. We are driven and inspired by our user personalized desire. Please go through the steps discussed in the next part of this post. Even, you are requested by Gmail customer service number to know about these two areas if you are not intended to know.

How to block a Gmail account?

Marking an email as Spam is not enough in some occasions. You need to do something more in such occasions. As you know, Google filters are not effective enough to 100 percent. If you have changed your organization, it is important for you to block some of your added contacts. Moreover, you desire to erase out some of your contacts from the list of your good book. As per Gmail Customer Care Helpline Number, you can block messages from particular sender or senders and you can do that quite easily.
In this regard, we request you to open a message from any of your unwanted senders. If you click and open the drop down menu, you will get a chance to select the sender’s name for blocking the unwanted emails. You will have to confirm your choice.

How to unblock a Gmail account?
If you want to unblock a Gmail account, Gmail technical helpline number instructs you to visit the top right corner of your Gmail window. Here you will find a gear like button – settings. Your job is to select it. Eventually, you will get the chance to select the ‘filters and block list’ link. Please hit the ‘unblock’ key that is available at the end of the sender’s row. Let the Gmail to take few minutes for result affect.

How to activate any of your blocked accounts?

What you will do if any other person has blocked your account without your permission? You will be glad to know that we have a special department that has immense expertise in dealing with this issue. You are requested to contact with its engineers for retrieving your lost account. You could dial Gmail password Recovery Helpline Number for having a word with our expert team. Here you will be awarded with easy to follow steps for sure. 

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