How to Block Email Address in Gmail

Block Email Address in Gmail

Gmail is a very easy and convenient platform for the users to manage their email related work. It provides a good storage space and has lot of features for the users making it a convenient option to use as an email. Users can also keep the record of contacts in their email account which could be used by them whenever required.

Sometimes it happens with the users that they are not willing to have an specific contact in their list. In order to to avoid such contact, users are required to block the contact from their list in gmail. In order to do so, users are required to go through the given steps

  • Login to your gmail account
  • Select the email from the offending sender
  • Right of the sender name select the down arrow
  • Select the block option from the list
  • Press the block option to confirm

Once blocked, users won’t be able to connect with the sender again and get protected from the unwanted messages. If users face any issue then they can block an email address with technical experts who will help them to disallow the unwanted users to contact them and continue their work on it.

Users are advised to immediately contact the support experts who will provide them the best and assured solution for their issue and let them continue their work on it. Users are advised to call on the Gmail customer care number and get the best solution for their issues.

Another issue which they face while working on it is when they forget their password. In such situation, users should go to the password recovery page and reset their password by going through the simple recovery steps. Users should have their Gmail password recovery phone number with them at the time of password recovery.

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