How do you add locations in Google Maps

Steps to add locations in Google Maps

Today adding your location on Google map serves you well if you are running a business or public organisation, a store or a restaurant and so on. It allows your target audience to access your location easily. So to add locations in Google Maps you can follow below steps on your computer:

  • First open Google Maps.
  • Then search for an address.
  • After that click Add a missing place.

It will require name, location, and category of the place that you are adding. Though other attributes are not required but adding them would help to speed up the review process. You need to note that if you are using Maps in Lite Mode then you cannot add a missing place on Google place.  After that Google Maps will review your edits and it may take some time to update your location on the map. Google may also send you email about the status of your edits and may forward you questions from other people who review your edits.

You can add location of your business, organisation, store, restaurant, office or other to allow your audience to access your office of work easily. You can follow above mentioned steps to add locations in Google Maps.

Google technical support number

Gmail is full of latest features but that still may cause some technical glitch with your Gmail account. For any technical glitch that you are facing with your Gmail account at any time of the day you just have to seek help from google technical support team which works 24/7. To get the help from Google technical support team, you can dial Google technical support number.

Google helpline number

Gmail comes with so many features that allow you to do so many things in Gmail apart from sending and receiving emails in safe manner. You can also use Gmail on any platform like mobile, PC, tablet, iPhone so on. But you may face any some kind of unknown issue with your Gmail account or you may be seeking information about your Gmail account. In such a case you can contact Gmail helpline and for that you can dial Gmail helpline number.

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