How do I send a text from Gmail

Steps to send a text from Gmail

Gmail is used for sending and receiving emails. You can compose a mail, attach a file, document, picture etc and send it to the receiver. Gmail is widely used by millions across the world. So you can send a text from Gmail also.

You can follow below steps to send a text from your Gmail account:

  1. To email a text, you are required two pieces of information. First, the recipient's full phone number and their phone carrier.
  2. Once you know the phone number and phone carrier of the recipient then you need to log in and open your Gmail in next step.
  3. To start a new email click on ‘Compose Mail’.
  4. Now in the address bar type the full phone number of the recipient.
  5. Now you need to fill out the carrier information. Follow the phone number with the SMS gateway listing (the "domain name" for the carrier which reroutes the message). So this means that what you type in address bar should come out looking something like
  6. Now write your text as normal and then click on ‘Send’ button when you are done with the text message.

Thus your typed text will be sent to the phone number you entered in the address bar.

Gmail customer service number

So, you saw how to send text from Gmail. Like this there are hundreds of features in Gmail which you may not be aware of or while using them you may face some issue. In such situation you can get Gmail customer service from Google. You can dial their Gmail help desk number especially if you are a paid Google customer. By dialing this number you can ask you r query on phone and get the answer instantly.

Gmail password recovery phone number

When you come across a technical glitch in your Gmail account then you can go to support page of Google website and read information related to common issues with Gmail there by choosing Gmail from Google’s product and services list. You may get the solution there only. But if that does not happen then you can also get help via live chat or through email. You can also go to community forum page and leave your query to be answered by developers from all round the world. If none works for you and you are not satisfied then you can dial Gmail password recovery phone number which is available 24X7 for all the Gmail users from any corner of the world and you can ask your query from the expert. The expert on the phone will give you best solution in the quickest time possible.

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