How do i Recover Google Account Password in My Android Phone

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In this fast-paced life era, remembering everything has become a bit difficult for all. And remembering Google account password is next to impossible. As auto-save password feature has made the task easier and also it has become troublesome. Due to auto-save password, no one tries to remember the password and hence have to reset the account password.

Thanks to Google for its easy Google account recovery process due to which a user has not to face problem in resetting the password. Besides, this post has brought you the recovery process in a stepwise manner. You can go through the steps and can recover your Google account instantly.

How would you reset your Google account password on your Android mobile?

  • The thing you need to do for recovering your Google account is going to the recovery page of Google.
  • There you should provide your email address of Google account in the given field and click Next.
  • Further, if you can recall the last password, fill it in the provided space. Otherwise, click on the Try another way option.
  • Also, you would see the options to recover your account from which you can choose either the recovery email address or phone number.
  • In addition, once you select the email address, you would receive a verification link and click that link.
  • It will redirect you to Google password reset page and create a new password.
  • After you create a new password, you have to save the changes and complete the Google Account Recovery process.

Apart from this, if you face some issues or problem while recovering your Google account, you can contact the Google customer service to get assistance.

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