How can I get my old Gmail account back

Steps to get gmail account back

The gmail account is available for the users from a very long time to make it easy for the users to manage their communication related work. The gmail account also comes with regular updates which makes it equipped with multiple high tech features making the communication work for the users more easy and fast.  Once the users update their gmail account then it is possible that they do not like certain features of the email making it desirable for them to get back the previous version.

Users can also get back their old gmail account if they do not like the current one. In order to do this, users need to go through the given steps to get old gmail account back and continue their work on it

  • Go to the google account support page
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Answer the questions
  • Get a code on the phone number
  • Get a link on the alternate email address
  • Set a new and strong password to make the account secured
  • Regain the access of the account easily
  • Access the account with the new password

These steps will allow the users to get back the access of the account and allow them to work on their account with the new password. Users need not to be worried as they can easily get the access of their account and continue their work on it. Users can call on the gmail customer service number and interact with the experts to find the best solution for their issues.

The experts are available 24/7 for the users to provide them the assured solution and make it easy for them to work. The technical experts are also available for the users who can be accessed by going on the website or by calling on the gmail help center number and get the best solution for their issues and continue their work easily. The experts will provide the best solution to the users and make it easy for them to work on the account and get the frequent access of their gmail account to make it possible for them to work.

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