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Gmail is one of the leading email service provider. There are many users of Gmail around the world. It is so easy and secure to communicate with people with Gmail but sometimes users are face some technical issues while access their Gmail account. Some of the technical issues are given below :

  1. Problems to configure Gmail SMTP settings.
  2. Account recovery issues.
  3. Password reset issues.
  4. Errors to send and receive emails.
  5. Account hacking issues.
  6. Syncing issues.
  7. Account sign in problems.
  8. Spam, junk and phishing emails issues.

How to configure Gmail SMTP settings ?

Step 1 :- First of all, log in to your Gmail account and select the Settings from the Gear at the top on the page.

Step 2 :- Now click on the Accounts.

Step 3 :- After that, click on Check mail from other accounts and click on the Add a POP3 account.

Step 4 :- Now enter your domains email address and click on the next Step.

Step 5 :- Now you have to be needed to enter information in the domains email address.

Step 6 :- Now click on the Add Account. After that, you will see a message that your mail account has been added.

Step 7 :- Now select Yes and click on the Next Step.

Step 8 :- Now enter your SMTP Server, Username, Email Password and after that, click on the Add Account.

Step 9 :- After that, Gmail send a verification code to the address which you have added. Now click on the verification link and Enter code into the option,

Step 10 :- Now click on the Verify to complete the whole process.

Find the Gmail SMTP Settings for Sending Mail :

You can easily find the SMTP settings in Gmail by some easy steps. These are given below :

  1. First of all open the configuration panel of mail software.
  2. Now fill all the field of SMTP server settings.
  3. Enter SMTP server name and Username.
  4. After that, enter your password and SMTP port in the required options.

All of the above issues can easily resolved by the Gmail Technical Support Number. Some of the issues can be easily resolve by the users but in some situations, they are unable to resolve. Those times, they find a specific solution from the experts to resolve their issues. These technical support numbers are available at all times to help- the users.

SMTP settings to send mail from a printer, scanner, or app

You can set up your on-premises multifunction printer, scanner, fax, or application to send email through G Suite. The three available options are: SMTP relay service, Gmail SMTP server and Restricted Gmail SMTP server.

For details about configuring your device or application to send SMTP messages, refer to its documentation. Google Support cannot assist with the configuration settings.

  1. SMTP relay service - used to send mail from your organization by authenticating with the IP address(s). You can send messages to anyone inside or outside of your domain.
  2. Gmail SMTP server - requires authentication with your Gmail/G Suite account and password. Messages can be sent to anyone inside or outside of your domain.
  3. Restricted Gmail SMTP server - does not require authentication, and you will be restricted to send messages to Gmail or G Suite users only.

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