How can I change my personal details in Gmail

Change my personal details in Gmail

Gmail without a doubt is great email platform. When you create your Gmail account you submit your personal details like name, password and other details. In future you may wish to change some of your personal details like password which is also advised +Read More..

How do I enable IMAP for my Gmail account

Enable IMAP for my Gmail account

To read your email messages from Gmail in other mail clients, like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail you can use IMAP. By using IMAP, you can read your Gmail messages on multiple devices, and all the messages are synced in real time. If you +Read More..

How to recover Gmail password without phone number and recovery email

Recover Gmail Password without Phone Number and Recovery Email

If a Gmail user has lost or forgotten his Gmail account password then he can recover the Gmail account in three ways. One, he should have an alternate email id, two he should have a trusted +Read More..

How to check mail is read or not

Check mail is read or not

You send emails to someone for some purpose. Especially when it is for official email or work related emails then you want a response back. For this you know that the recipient has to receive and read the email first. You want that +Read More..

Why Gmail is not opening in Chrome

Gmail is not opening in Chrome

Gmail is a popular email client and chrome is a popular browser both offered by Google. You can install Google chrome browser on your PC and you can create a Gmail account and use to send and receive emails. But what if Gmail +Read More..